Musika Foresta The Experience

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Musika Foresta
The Experience

Four Indonesian musicians – Achi Hardjakusumah, Alam Urbach, Astrid Basjar and Glenn Fredly – were invited into the forest to seek inspiration to write a song. The musicians stayed four to five days and interacted with communities living around the forests: Achi stayed in Kemenyan in North Sumatra, Alam in Sungai Utik, West Kalimantan, Astrid in forests in Sungai Buluh Nagari, West Sumatra and Glenn in Manusela National Park in Maluku.

Their journey was documented in a web series and on TV in collaboration with KompasTV. Their songs were performed at Musika Foresta at Balai Sarbini on 13 May 2017.

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