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October 30, 2017
Musika Foresta on the Go Palangka Raya
December 2, 2017

Thanks to Forest

Hutan Itu Indonesia held the Forest Foods (Jamuan dari Hutan) event at @america, the US cultural center in Jakarta, to show appreciation of our life-giving forests. The event on 25 November 2017 coincided with Thanksgiving celebrations and introduced Hutan Itu Indonesia to 150 invitees from embassies and the media, as well as arts, cultural, environmental and educational communities, and creative entrepreneurs

Besides facilitating discussions on the forest protection movement, we served food that blended authentic, flavorsome ingredients from the forest with modern culinary trends. Invitees tasted cupcakes made from pumpkin and wild herbs, tasty ricotta cheese with salmon and forest tubers, as well as coffee grown in the forest, and herbal teas made from and telang flowers. The amazing creativity exhibited in this event was made possible thanks to great collaboration with our partners The Goodlife, Kedai Jatam and Terminal Benih.



150 Participants

New Networks Developed

New Flavours from the Forest


This activity was successfully conducted thanks to the support from:


Andre Christian

Hutan Itu Indonesia

Arlan Djoewarsa

Good Rockets

Leony Aurora

Hutan Itu Indonesia

Riry Silalahi

Hutan Itu Indonesia

Sari Asih

The Goodlife




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