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February 27, 2018
Celebrate Indonesian Forests through Talkshows and Fun Run 5K
May 10, 2018

Jaga Hutan Petition

Did you know that Indonesia, which has the third largest single tropical rainforest in the world, does not have a special day to celebrate its forests? Indonesia’s forests supply water for the millions of hectares of agricultural land that make us an agrarian country, are a source of livelihood for approximately 70 million people and prevent floods and landslides. Our forests are also very closely linked with the cultures of indigenous peoples in Indonesia and are second only to Brazil in terms of biodiversity.

In April 2017 HII initiated the #JagaHutan petition to propose a National Forest Day for Indonesia. Let’s sign and help spread the #JagaHutan petition, which you can find at Without forests, Indonesia would not be the rich and diverse country it is today.



70.000 petition signatories

Launch of National Forest Day

Forests to become Indonesia’s national identity


HII promotes this petition with:

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Petisi #JagaHutan

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