Forest in Motion: Kompetisi Video Musik “Hanya Untukmu”
September 28, 2017
Launch of “Sebelum Terbenam” Song by Achi Hardjakusumah
October 12, 2017

Forest in Motion

At Forest in Motion, representatives from high schools and vocational high schools in Jabodetabek attended a coaching clinic on 16 September 2017 on turning campaign messages into music videos. The event was held at @america in Jakarta, the US cultural center, and participants were coached by

Participants were challenged to make a music video for ‘Hanya Untukmu’ in a competition that was also open to the public. Eight participants from Jakarta, Magelang, Baturaja, Malang and Surabaya sent in a music video, and SMA Negeri 1 Magelang was selected as the winner – you can watch the video here.



123 Clinic Participants from 5 SMK and SMA

Cool Ideas for Music Videos!

8 Videos from 5 Cities


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