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1What is Hutan Itu Indonesia?
Hutan Itu Indonesia is an open movement. Its members are young people, organizations and communities that campaign to encourage people to love the forests by spreading positive messages about the wealth of Indonesia’s fascinating forests. By using creative, fun and collaborative methods, Hutan Itu Indonesia believes everyone can help to preserve them. That’s pretty exciting, isn’t it?!
2When was HII founded?
Hutan Itu Indonesia was founded on 22 April 2016.
3Why was HII formed?
A 2015 research report found that forests are not considered important by the majority of Indonesian consumers. Indonesians have not been proud of the fact their country contains the third largest tropical rainforest in the world. Without forests, however, Indonesia would not have become the rich and diverse country we see today. The apt phrase 'emerald of the equator' has long fallen out of use, but it depicts Indonesia as a land of dense and healthy forests. Our dream is to restore this splendor.
4There are already many environmental organizations, why is HII needed?
Hutan Itu Indonesia hopes to build upon and collaborate with existing environmental movements, but with a specific focus on forests. It will conduct positive, creative and fun campaigns in order to engender love for Indonesia’s forests. We want this movement to be open to everyone and we want to collaborate with other organizations. Doing things together is more interesting!
5What is the purpose of HII?
Hutan Itu Indonesia wants to nurture Indonesian people’s love for the country’s forests. It also wants forests to be accepted as Indonesia’s national identify.
6Which of Indonesia’s forests are the main focus of HII?
Hutan Itu Indonesia focuses on the entirety of Indonesia’s forests, whether remote or urban, mangrove or rainforest.
7Who are the people behind HII?
Hutan Itu Indonesia grew from the dreams of individuals from a variety of backgrounds who work on the campaign voluntarily. It is supported by full time staff on the Daily Team, and organizations including ID COMM, Indonesia Nature Film Society (INFIS) and Koalisi Pemuda Hijau Indonesia (KOPHI/Indonesia Green Youth Coalition). Get to know us better here
8I don’t know much about forests – can I learn with HII?
Of course you can! Hutan Itu Indonesia is a movement open to everyone, including those who would like to know more about forests. You can learn about forests from the information on our website and social media channels or by participating in our activities.
9Could you tell me about HII’s programs and activities?
We have many programs, and have conducted a variety of campaign activities in collaboration with our partners from the outset:
1. HII’s launch included a social media competition to encourage the public to produce photographs, infographics and video around the theme ‘Forests are…’ (‘Hutan Itu….’)
2. The ‘Youth-for-Youth’ campaign was designed to attract the interest and promote the creativity of students in cities across Indonesia and encourage them to promote the #HutanItuIndonesia campaign in their own areas.
3. The #KuLarikeHutan fun run is a forest protection campaign focusing on the adoption of trees.
4.#JamuanHutan introduces food from the forests to the wider community.
5. #KelasSukaHutan is a training and capacity building program for volunteers, focusing on Indonesia’s forests.
6.#MusikaForesta is a concert celebrating National Forest Day.

Check out the Hutan Itu Indonesia programs here
10Why should I join HII?
Hutan Itu Indonesia is an open movement with an ethos of collaboration. In addition to participating in HII’s exciting and creative programs, you can also develop your skills by training with HII. We guarantee that it will be rewarding! Learn about our values here
11How do I join HII?
Please fill in the volunteer form here
12How do I get to know HII better?
Come to #HoreHutan, a regular gathering of HII’s partners, volunteers and supporters. You can also subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube
13 I would like to get involved with HII but live outside Jabodetabek – what should I do?
Hutan Itu Indonesia holds events not only in Jabodetabek, but also with other youth organizations in other cities. You can join Youth4Youth Ambon, Youth4Youth Medan, Youth4Youth Palangka Raya, and Youth4Youth Surabaya. Young people elsewhere can work directly with HII to promote positive messages about Indonesia’s forests.
14I would like to share my ideas for positive forest campaigns and want to collaborate with you. Who I should contact?
Please contact us here or send your email to
15I am a student – can I join HII?
Hutan Itu Indonesia is a movement open to everyone, especially young people like you!
16What are the benefits of volunteering with HII?
IIn addition to gaining experience and making friends, you will also have the opportunity to build your skills by taking part in HII training.
17How can I get an HII t-shirt?
Take part in Hutan Itu Indonesia activities or buy Hutan Itu Indonesia merchandise at