Stories from the Forests

There are many stories about Indonesia’s forests, ranging from those concerning the trees themselves, the water that flows through them and the diverse flora and fauna, to the surrounding communities and the cultures and traditions they engender. One of the easiest ways you can promote better forest protection is by telling stories about the forests through any channels you have available to you. Capture your impressions of the natural world and be creative – we are sure your forest story will encourage others also to protect our forests.

Hutan Itu Indonesia itself promotes stories about forests, and we invite our friends to be creative and collaborate. With Musika Foresta, for example, we invited Achi Hardjakusumah, Alam Urbach, Astrid Basjar and Glenn Fredly to live in the forest for several days to seek inspiration for their music. In addition, Hutan Itu Indonesia has held two social media competitions, namely "Forests are…” (“Hutan Itu…”) in April 2016 and "Forests and Cities" in March 2018.