Non-Timber Forest Products -EN

Hutan Itu Indonesia supports certain initiatives undertaken by people living close to Indonesia’s forests. These are projects under which local residents focus on sustainable production of non-timber forest products – for example honey, konjac yam flour, rattan, coffee, butter from tengkawang fruit, and telang flower tea – to earn their livelihoods. For tens, perhaps hundreds, of years, people have supported themselves from Indonesia’s forests, while also preserving them. You can support people and the forests by purchasing sustainable non-timber goods.

To promote non-timber forest products, in 2016 Hutan Itu Indonesia held Pesona Hutan, an event introducing 23 communities of producers with 40 facilitating organizations and potential buyers in Jakarta. We also held the Jamuan dari Hutan event, at which foods made from forest products were served. Want to know more? Click the above program link.